Remote Working

Remote Working

Quite simply, Remote Working provides flexibility and employee mobility for your business. No longer are your employees tied to a desk – with a remote working solution delivered by Milestone5 you can empower your employees to work exactly as you need them to, from wherever you need them to.

With a Milestone5 Remote Working solution your employees can access a modern Windows 10 Desktop and access your business applications, as well as the M365 Suite and Microsoft Teams, however and wherever they need.

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How can Milestone5 help?

Milestone5 are one of a handful of companies who have extensive experience with Windows Virtual Desktop. We can deliver a powerful Virtual Desktop solution that leverages Microsoft Azure – and provides you with a modern Windows 10 Desktop environment.

Our solution offerings allow businesses of any size to benefit, and can easily be combined with M365 and Microsoft Teams to empower your employees. Of course any of your own applications can also be run too.

All our Windows Virtual Desktop solutions are tailored to your exact needs and requirements, to ensure that you get the best possible solution.

Milestone5 also have extensive experience with Citrix technologies. We can deliver a solution that meets your exacting requirements, and gives you the flexibility and power of a Citrix Cloud or on-premises solution.

Whether you want a Virtual Desktop environment that delivers Windows 10 to your end users, or a high density Server based solution, or even published applications – Milestone5 has the experience and knowledge to deliver.

Milestone5 will work with you to scope our your needs and requirements, and then deliver a bespoke solution that fulfils these.

Milestone5 also has extensive experience delivering Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solutions. Allow your employees to connect into your network and access resources as if they were inside the office.

A VPN is an ideal solution for a business that has already equipped staff with laptops for example. a VPN would allow these users to use their devices exactly as they would whilst in the office – and also ensures that access to your sensitive data is appropriately secured.

Milestone5’s VPN Solutions are extremely cost effective and can provide secure and reliable remote access solutions for business from 1 to 100,000 users.

Why choose Remote Working?

The benefits are extensive:

  • Work securely from anywhere you want
  • Leverage the power of a Cloud Hosted Solution
  • Work securely on a range of devices
  • Business Continuity as standard - easily work anywhere, anyhow
  • Take advantage of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 as part of your Solution
  • Allow your staff to be flexible - no need to be tied to a desk
  • Easily deploy applications and manage updates
  • Ensure your business can support home & flexible working requests
  • Support growth with rapid onboarding and upscaling

Our experience

Milestone5’s Architects and Consultants have a wealth of experience and certification delivering Remote Working Solutions – from small companies of under 10 employees, to environments supporting over 3500 users across the globe.

We understand that all businesses are different, and all have different goals and challenges. Our approach ensures that all areas are clearly scoped, with achievable goals, and clear outcomes – we never promise what we cannot deliver.

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