Public Cloud

Public Cloud

With the advent of Public Cloud, your business no longer needs to invest time, resource and skill into maintaining your own servers and datacentres. By adopting a Public Cloud strategy and taking the next step into this hugely popular technical arena, Milestone5 can assist you on your journey every step of the way.

Skilled in Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Amazon Web Services, we can align the right solution for your needs to the extent you require. Whether it be server hosting, hybrid solutions, data backup, disaster recovery or Office 365 – we’re able to assist across hundreds of services in the Public Cloud portfolio.

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How can Milestone5 help?

IT is constantly evolving and Milestone5 are always ahead of the curve. From running your physical servers in a datacentre, to virtualisation, hyper-converged technologies and now Infrastructure as a Service.

IaaS is the next evolutionary step to hosting your servers, in Public Cloud. Run virtual machines within the Cloud or move your existing workloads, physical or virtual, to Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Milestone5 can help you on your Cloud Journey by migrating your on-premises workloads or establishing an entirely new environment; setting you up a vendor and Milestone5 best practice environment – ensuring all aspects of access, security, governance and uptime are catered for.

Platform as a Service provides you access to entire services without the hassle of hosting servers to maintain it. Do away with elements such as updating operating systems, maintaining storage devices or renewing appliances.

With PaaS, you could access powerful platforms such as Microsoft Office 365 – with e-mail, files, intranet, unified communications and business compliance tools all hosted for you. Or store your backups, company files or databases with zero server maintenance.

Software as a Service takes this one step further, gaining access to the software you need with no configuration or setup and completely managed for you.

Examples of SaaS would be the use of Microsoft’s Office Suite, with access to applications such as Word or Excel straight from a browser. These services strip away the requirement to even install an application, meaning your users can get working straight away from anywhere in the world.

Whatever your requirements, Milestone5 will be able to align the right solution for your business needs.

Public Cloud has a multitude of cutting edge services, across IaaS, PaaS and Saas – but of course, being able to use them means making the move to get there.

Milestone5 are experts in migrating you to Public Cloud, with a wealth of experience and countless engagements moving small, medium and enterprise businesses to the Cloud.

Our approach is simple, effective and risk averse; if you need to move your datacentre to the Cloud then our extensive planning and methodologies ensure it is done with minimal downtime – whatever the size of your business, we guarantee to get your migration done correctly.

Milestone5 know that Cloud adoption isn’t a matter of a one off engagement, but instead assisting you on the entire Cloud Journey – allowing you to evolve and improve every facet of your IT estate with the best Cloud has to offer.

Why use a Public Cloud Solution?

Explore limitless potential:

  • Leverage scalability at speed, without physically hosting IT equipment
  • Take advantage of hundreds of services in the Public Cloud ecosystem
  • Work to maximum efficiency by only consuming what you need
  • Take a "Cloud First" approach and leave legacy IT behind
  • Migrate & host your existing workloads or build new utilising IaaS, PaaS & SaaS
  • Take comfort in vendor backed SLAs, with guaranteed uptimes
  • Reduce your on-premises footprint & adopt a Hybrid-Cloud strategy
  • Take advantage of continuous service improvement, without having to invest time, effort & money to realise it
  • No contractual ties to host your virtual infrastructure

Our experience

Milestone5’s Architects and Consultants have a wealth of experience and certification delivering Public Cloud Solutions – we’ve worked on projects for clients of all sizes and requirements. Our focus is always on delivering the best possible solution for our clients.

We understand that all businesses are different, and all have different goals and challenges. Our approach ensures that all areas are clearly scoped, with achievable goals, and clear outcomes – we never promise what we cannot deliver.

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