Networking & Connectivity

Networking and Connectivity

Whether you need managed network infrastructure, or have a specific business requirement Milestone5 has the experience and technical capability to deliver a wide range of networking technologies.

Milestone5’s Network Solutions are designed to support modern working and security practises, and provide innovative management and monitoring options.

Our solutions range from connectivity within your business premises, to security solutions that protect your business from network threats and risks.

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How can Milestone5 help?

Milestone5 have experience in a range of Networking Solutions that make managing and supporting complex networks simple and efficient. Milestone5 can provide you with a network solution that allows rapid deployment and management of multi-site topologies.

Utilising our detailed knowledge of vendor options and technologies we can design a solution that can be either managed by your in house team, or supported by Milestone5. We can provide solutions with innovative network monitoring and management – taking the hassle out of looking after your network.

Our network solutions are suitable for small businesses to large enterprises – and are always tailored to your businesses needs and requirements.

Milestone5 can deploy a range of bespoke connectivity solutions. Whether your business needs reliable site to site connectivity, or robust hybrid connectivity into a Public Cloud Platform – we have a solution that will work for you.

All our connectivity solutions are bespoke, and designed around your needs and requirements. We can provide solutions that are suitable for businesses of all sizes and needs.

Milestone5’s wireless solutions are designed to give the best possible experience for your end users. Providing powerful wireless connectivity around your site so that your staff can focus on working, without any connectivity worries.

Our solutions range from small business connectivity for under 20 users, to enterprise solutions that will scale to thousands of users. All our wireless solutions are bespoke, and take all of your business needs and requirements into account.

We can provide management for wireless solutions – including providing managed APs and Networking that can be deployed wherever you require.

Why does a Milestone5 Solution stand out?

The benefits are extensive, and always tailored with your exact requirements in mind:

  • Take advantage of Modern Network Management
  • Provision Network Hardware remotely with ease
  • Provide secure LAN and WAN connectivity
  • Enjoy fast access to hosted resources with a powerful business network
  • Enjoy rapid upgrades and centralised management
  • Managed connectivity to a range of Public Cloud Platforms
  • Monitor your network from an intuitive and efficient platform
  • Ensure your business can support home & flexible working requests
  • Support growth with rapid scaling and deployment
  • Use our monitoring solutions to understand the traffic in your network

Our experience

Milestone5’s Architects and Consultants have a wealth of experience designing and delivering Networking Solutions – we’ve worked on projects supporting 20 remote users, up to thousands of users across geographic areas. We take the complexity out of networking and provide effective and reliable solutions.

We understand that all businesses are different, and all have different goals and challenges. Our approach ensures that all areas are clearly scoped, with achievable goals, and clear outcomes – we never promise what we cannot deliver.

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