On premises Infrastructure isn’t going anywhere and hybrid environments with Public Cloud providers is becoming the new normal. Whether you are looking for a new server role setup or to upgrade to newer operating systems to retain continued support and security updates, Milestone5 can help your company stay current and avoid unnecessary risks associated with retaining old hardware and operating systems.

We will work to your needs and plan accordingly to ensure there is as little service interruption as possible to ensure that your business is not affected as you upgrade to the latest hardware and version of Windows Server

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How can Milestone5 help?

If you, like many other companies have services running on Windows Server 2008R2, for extended support ended January 2020. Or if you are already looking to upgrade from Windows Server 2012/R2 after the mainstream support ended September 2018, Milestone5 can help you to move these services such as Active Directory, Certificate Services, Microsoft Exchange and more to the latest operating systems on new hardware.

We will create a detailed plan that works around your business and it’s uptime requirements and whilst implementing, ensure that any upgrades have minimal to no impact to Business operations.

If you are starting out on a new venture and have a requirement for on-premises infrastructure, Milestone5 can help you procure the correct hardware and more importantly, the correct Infrastructure and Service setup.

Once we understand your business goals and needs, a Milestone5 plan will be put in place – ensuring your solution is delivered to the highest possible standard.

We can arrange installation of power and data as required, and can provide upgrades to Networking to support Infrastructure Solutions. Our Consultants skilfully implement these solutions, working around your business, and ensuring the solution is a perfect fit for your business.

Business continuity is important to ensure your employees do not lose valuable productive time. Milestone5 can configure the majority of infrastructure services in a highly available state. This ensures that a single failure never takes down your business applications or infrastructure.

Milestone5 will always provide recommendations and best practice, to ensure that your infrastructure is as resilient as possible – so you can focus on running your business, without worrying about technical problems.

Talk to us about housing services in Public Cloud offerings such as Azure and AWS to increase your resiliency even further, and provide almost limitless expansion potential.

Milestone5 Infrastructure Solutions

Benefit from:

  • Removing risk and vulnerabilities by upgrading legacy Operating Systems
  • Peace of mind that support will be available for known vulnerabilities
  • Hybrid infrastructure capability with public cloud
  • Start to finish setup for new installations including power and cabling
  • Business continuity built into your design
  • Hardware recommended and procured for you
  • Support growth in line with your business plan

Our experience

Milestone5’s Architects and Consultants all have a background in supporting and delivering infrastructure solutions. We excel at implementing, supporting, and upgrading these technologies. Whether it’s an upgrade, new project, or expansion – Milestone5 can help get you the best possible solution.

We understand that all businesses are different, and all have different goals and challenges. Our approach ensures that all areas are clearly scoped, with achievable goals, and clear outcomes – we never promise what we cannot deliver.

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