About Milestone5

Milestone5 are a group of technology experts, with a wealth of experience transforming businesses through technology. Our architectural and consulting experience is second to none, backed by years of experience in complex technology engagements.

We apply our experience and technical prowess to solve the challenges and requirements businesses face when adopting technology solutions. Our core values of honesty and transparency underpin every engagement from start to finish.

Our experience and prowess allows us to work superlatively across our core technology verticals – providing a level of architecture and consultancy that would normally only be available only to businesses with deep pockets.

Now our high standard is available and accessible by all businesses, and we’d love to talk to you to discuss how we can help.

Why Choose Milestone5?

  • Certified

    All our Architects and Consultants hold a wealth of technical certificates, backed by experience - we don't just claim to know technology, we prove it through certification

  • Honest

    Our Team deals only in facts and business outcomes - no sales or technical jargon, we're only interested in getting you the best technical solution for your business

  • Reliable

    We understand that reliability is key - all our solutions are designed to keep your business running 24/7. We are experts in solutions that provide continuity and availability - leaving you to focus on your business, without the technical worries

  • Experienced

    All our Consultants and Architects have years of experience working across complex technology solutions - no challenge or problem scares them!

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